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In the event of a separation or divorce where children are involved, one of the first issues that must be addressed is their current and future welfare.

This typically includes answering the question of future financial stability for involved parents.

If you need to go to court to address child support payments, you will need to work with experienced professionals who will advocate on your behalf, seeking the best possible arrangement for your family—especially the children affected by the divorce.

Do You Need a Lawyer for Child Support in Texas?

Hiring a lawyer to file for child support in Texas is not required. However, having an attorney to navigate the complexities of child support cases can be helpful, especially if you have a divorce or child custody dispute.

At the Law Offices of Rudy Santos, L.L.C., our Laredo child support attorneys will work hard for the best interests of you and your loved ones. We will ensure that children and families have a caring voice speaking on their behalf in the local family court system.

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Understanding Texas Child Support Payment Calculations

Texas law outlines certain guidelines that assist in the calculation of child support:

  • For 1 child, 20% of the noncustodial parent’s average monthly resources will be used.

  • For 2 children, 25% of the noncustodial parent’s average monthly resources will be used.

  • For 3 children, 30% of the noncustodial parent’s average monthly resources will be used.

  • For 4 children, 35% of the noncustodial parent’s average monthly resources will be used.

  • For 5 children, 40% of the noncustodial parent’s average monthly resources will be used.

How Does Child Support Secure My Child's Future?

Once a divorce is finalized, the parents may desire nothing more than a clean break, with one assuming that the care and financial burden of rearing the couple’s children should squarely fall on the other party. The matter must be settled in court, with experienced attorneys advocating for a fair and impartial outcome that represents a child’s best interests.

Ultimately, child support matters because it is the legal method of ensuring that a child receives the proper financial backing to live as healthy and content a life as possible despite the circumstances from both parents.

Consequences of Failing to Pay Child Support in Texas

The Texas law states that the noncustodial parent is required to pay child support, if he or she refuses or becomes very delinquent, the state will impose consequences such as:

  • Withholding a portion of the parent's paycheck or garnishing wages
  • Intercepting federal income tax refund checks
  • Imposing liens against his or her assets, such as houses or property
  • Suspension of driver's license
  • Sentencing the parent to serve jailtime

How Much Do You Have to Owe in Child Support to Go to Jail in Texas?

In Texas, if a non-custodial parent owes $10,000 or more in child support or does not pay in two years, they can be charged with a criminal felony for failing to pay child support.

Can Parents Agree to No Child Support?

Texas sets forth certain guidelines that help protect the child’s best interests.

If two parents wish to drop child support, the court will need to have good reason. Child support guidelines are put into place so that parents take full responsibility for the well-being of their child(ren). If the court sees that both parents make similar income, and it is enough to comfortably raise the child, they may make an exception.

Dispelling Myths About Child Support in Laredo

It’s important to understand that child support is not a payment to the custodial parent. The payment goes through them, but it is always meant to provide care for the children.

Other common false misunderstandings about child support:

  • Support is a tool to punish one parent for abandoning the child or marriage
  • If the custodial parent receives more income than the other, they shouldn’t pay child support
  • Support is only extra spending money for the custodial parent
  • Support is no longer required if the paying parent leaves the state or country

There are a variety of assumptions made about child support that can only be cleared away through reliable legal advice and representation. Our Laredo child support attorneys have years of experience and are available to answer your questions. Don’t make a serious legal misstep that will deprive your child of the financial assistance they need.

Various Methods to Pay Child Support in Texas

The state of Texas allows you to pay child support 6 different ways:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Mail
  • Cash or Money Order
  • Kiosk Locations
  • Wage Withholdings
  • Bank Autodraft

Proper Use of Child Support Payments

Child support payments are meant to ensure that no matter what, a child is provided the financial stability that will guarantee food, shelter, and other necessities until they reach adulthood.

Support is designed to help ensure the child's basic needs are met, including:

  • Shelter, which applies to rent or mortgage payments
  • Food, clothing, toys, etc.
  • Medical expenses such as doctor visits, medications, and eyewear
  • Schooling expenses that include field trips and sporting activities
  • Extracurricular activities outside the home or school

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